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Collecting blood samples is a frequently used method to diagnose and monitor diseases, and thanks to blood samples, long and sometimes painful examinations can often be avoided. A blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a hypodermic needle, or via fingerprick.

Blood condition says something about the patient’s overall health condition and reveal more specific diseases and conditions. A health check of the general health usually involves a blood sample and is an extremely important and useful tool for controlling the harmful organisms presented in the blood.

It’s advised by doctors to test our Blood Samples along with our routine checkup at least once in a year. Our blood gives us almost a complete idea of our lifestyle, the food we eat, the nutrients we lack, the lifestyle that we need to change or promote. Blood tests can also be the preliminary tests to some diseases and disorders.

At Healing Touch Diagnostics, we offer all of the types of blood tests that you need. It is a one stop for all of your yearly checkup and diagnosis. At Healing Touch, we offer you all the services related to blood tests.

We offer a wide variety of blood tests at our Centre, which are as follows but not limited to:
Important blood cells: this includes Complete Blood Count (CBC) test where all the ten major components of your blood will be determined. You will get to know the increase or decrease in any of the white blood cells/ red blood cells/ platelets / hemoglobin etc.
Basic & Complete Metabolism Panel: in this test, we determine the levels of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride as well as carbon dioxide, creatinine & glucose in the blood, along with additional protein presence such as albumin, total protein, bilirubin etc. These things need to be monitored as high levels of these may result into dysfunction. For an example, high level of bilirubin count may result into Hemolysis or Hepatitis etc.
Lipid Panel: the levels of cholesterol are checked in this type, viz. The Low Density Lipid aka Bad Cholesterol & High Density  Lipid aka Good Density Cholesterol is determined.
Thyroid panel: low levels or high levels of thyroid both can be harmful to the health. Tests like T3, T4 & TSH are done for this purpose.
Enzyme markers: Enzymes are protein substances which carry out vital functions in the body like digestion, blood clotting,  etc. these act as catalysts of the body processes.
STD tests: Sexually Transmitted Diseases are often diagnosed through blood tests which are combined with urine tests & swap tests of infected tissues, to get a better diagnosis.

This is just a general idea of the blood collection & testing that we offer. For, more details and checkup, please contact us using the details given on this site.

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